Monthly Coffee Subscriptions - Single Origin | Africa

$27.00 CAD 

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This is a monthly subscription that can be canceled at any time.

Simply, it is our freshly roasted coffee delivered to your door each month!

This coffee subscription revolves around the beautiful and interesting notes that African coffees are known for.  The predominant notes are a balanced medley of vibrant acidity, sweet berries and stone fruits wrapped up in a juicy and jammy mouthfeel.  Absolutely perfect for the coffee lover who looks forward to making unique coffees via pour over.

Please let us know if you have any special requests. Each bag contains 340g / 12 oz of coffee.

Subscription coffee will be shipped out between the 1st and the 4th day of each month.

Options are: 1 bag, 2 bag, and 3 bags a month

The origin of each coffee includes but not limited to:

Ethiopia, Kenya, and Burundi. Sometimes Rwanda, Congo, and Zambia

You will be charged once a month a couple of days before we ship out your coffee.

Price includes free shipping in Canada and the USA.

This product only ship to Canada and the USA.