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Free Shipping in Canada on Orders Over $40 | USA C$50 (USD $40) | Free Local Edmonton Delivery on Orders Over $35


It can be tough to wade through the muddy waters of origins, tasting notes and processing to find the beans you are looking for. 

To help you on your way, we've created a little guide to selecting your coffee.

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Sweet, Balanced, and Gentle.

Smooth and deep with notes of chocolate and nuts. Great for your daily coffee and when making pots for your friends and family.

Brazil - Daterra Sweet Blue

Colombia - Acevedo Lot 3

Colombia - Finca La Providencia

Guatemala - Buena Vista

 Fruity and sweet.

These coffees are full of fruit notes and character. Often natural or honey processed, this means more of the characteristics from the coffee cherry – think fruit and sugar - make their way into the cup.

Ethiopia - Kayon Mountain

Bolivia Irupana - Jeivert Panuni

Colombia - Finca El Paraiso

Colombia - Finca Los Angeles

Light and Bright.

These coffees have a strong, acidic backbone. They are likely a meticulously washed coffee, which means clean, clear flavour notes.

Kenya - Kirinyaga Rungeto

 Exotic and exciting.

These coffees will be packed with intense and wild flavours and should elicit an appreciation for just how unique and intriguing a cup of coffee can be. Often containing exotic varietals or part of new or experimental processing methods such as anaerobic or yeast fermentation.

Colombia - Las Margaritas Sudan Rume Natural

Panama - Ninety Plus Kopi Kan Anaerobic Natural Heirloom

Panama Finca Deborah - Illumination Gesha


Our current go-to espresso that we are pulling in the shop is the Guatemala Buena Vista. The Guatemala is straight-ahead chocolate and sweetness with a pleasing, lingering finish.

We also love pulling the Colombia Finca El Paraiso. It tends towards the side of being a fruity espresso with a lot of depth and creaminess.



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