Sometimes it can be tough to wade through the muddy waters of origins, tasting notes and processing to find the beans you are looking for. 

To help you on your way, we've created a little guide to selecting your coffee 


Sweet, Balanced, and Gentle.

Smooth and deep with notes of chocolate and nuts. Great for your daily coffee and when making pots for your friends and family.

Colombia Acevedo Lot 2

Colombia Finca La Florida Lot 2

Guatemala La Colmenita


Fruity and sweet.

These coffees are full of fruit notes and character. Often natural or honey processed, this means more of the characteristics from the coffee cherry – think fruit and sugar - make their way into the cup.

Burundi Businde Natural

Costa Rica Santa Teresa

Ethiopia Banko Gotiti

Kenya - Kirinyaga Karimikui

Light and Bright.

These coffees have a strong, acidic backbone. They are likely a meticulously washed coffee, which means clean, clear flavour notes.

Ethiopia Chelbesa Lot 4

Colombia - Gabriel Castano

Exotic and exciting.

These coffees will be packed with intense and wild flavours and should elicit an appreciation for just how unique and intriguing a cup of coffee can be. Often containing exotic varietals or part of new or experimental processing methods such as anaerobic or yeast fermentation.


Sumatra - Mount Kerinci Natural

Panama - Jamison Savage - Anthem Gesha

Girma Estate Experimental Yeast Fermentation lot 1 - 30 Hours


Our current go-to espresso that we would be pulling in the shop - if we were not for Covid-19! - is the Guatemala La Colmenita and the Colombia Acevedo Lot 2. The Guatemala is straight-ahead chocolate and sweetness with a pleasing, lingering finish. The Colombian Acevedo has notes of chocolate and berries and does well in smaller milk drinks like cortados and flat whites.

We also love pulling the Costa Rica Santa Teresa. It tend towards the side of being a fruity espresso and is lovely if those are the notes you are craving and you enjoy dialing-in and refining your espresso.