SIBARIST - FAST Paper Filter | 1-3cups


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Paper filter for pour overs. Comes in a pack of 25 filters.
Sample pack of 5 filters are available for you to try out.

The FAST provides a greater speed of extraction during your brewing process, allowing you to change the extraction variables defined until now for cone shaped drippers, permitting the desired characteristics of the coffee to be enhanced, new flavours and cup profiles to be obtained, and your coffees to be rediscovered.

The filter adapts to conical commercial V60’s with open bottom and similar brewers.

Size: 1 size - fit both size brewers, suitable for up to 450mL of coffee

100% organic paper
Manufactured in Barcelona

FAST Specialty coffee Filter Book, Find reviews and more detailed information here.

Note: this filter is fast. We tested with Origami dripper and it is about 10-15s faster than Kono filters.

We are the official distributor of Sibarist FAST paper in Canada.