Niche Create - Pour Over Origami Gold Enamel Pins


This variant is currently sold out

Created by Niche Create - one of our customers who has now made several coffee project for many other roasters in Canada.


1. Pink Origami with "rogue wave"

2. Yellow Origami with greenery

3. Orange Origami

4. ALL 3!!!

From Niche:

This is one of my most exciting projects yet! It took a couple of months and lots of headache (converting the complex designs to become pin-ready is not an easy feat, and also sourcing my own manufacturers was a whole new world!), but THEY ARE HERE! ⁣

These hard gold enamel pins are durable, super shiny, detailed, and they also have not 1… but TWO backings - this means that they won’t spin and are more secure. ⁣

All of my pieces are personally drawn and designed and these are not different. I got my backing cards printed separately and will be personally mounting and packaging each pin myself. Trust me, they look even better in real life. ⁣

*gold finish on treated metal