Panama Altieri - Callejón Seco | Natural ASD Gesha 200g


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Roast Date : Nov 18

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Region: Baru Volcano, Boquete, Chiriquí, Panama
Producer: Eugene Altieri and the Altieri Family
Farm: Callejón Seco
Founder:  Eugene Altieri
Varietal/Species: Gesha
Altitude: 1800 MASL
Harvest: Early 2020 - Lot B-40220
Drying time: 25 days
Growing Condition:

This beautiful Gesha was grown on the slopes of Baru Volcano. After harvest, the coffee cherries are placed in hermetic sealed tanks to undergo anaerobic fermentation alongside the cherries own natural bacteria. They remain in these sealed tanks, which are closely monitored for temperature and humidity, for a specific period of time in order to guarantee the unique flavor and expression of the terroir. After the specified time has elapsed, the coffee is placed on African raise beds to dry for approximately 25 days. The drying process includes some time under shade and later under the sun. Finally, once it's dried, the coffee beans are placed in our warehouse to rest under controlled temperature and humidity.

This coffee is best enjoyed between 5-45 days after roast date.

200g whole beans only - NO PRE-GROUND for this product.

This is a direct trade coffee. We have been working with the Altieri family since May to bring in this coffee for you all to enjoy.

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