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Free Shipping in Canada on Orders Over $40 | USA C$42 (~USD$33) | Free Local Edmonton Delivery on Orders Over $35.

Nicaragua - La Escondida | Laurina Natural - 250g - LOW CAF

$23.00 CAD

The Laurina variety of coffee only produce around 30-40% of the caffeine content of other arabica coffees. This coffee is bright, and sweet with notes that remind us of:

Cherry | Plum | Pineapple | Chocolate | Kiwi

: Lipilulo, Jinotega, Nicaragua
Farm: La Escondida
Producer: Mierisch Family - Finca Mierisch
Region: Jinotega
Harvest: Mid 2021
Variety: Laurina or Bourbon Pointu
Elevation: 975-1230 MASL
Process: Natural


Great for both filter and exciting espresso

Variety Information
Laurina, also known as Bourbon Pointu due to it elongated and pointy beans, is a natural mutation of the Bourbon variety that naturally only produces half the caffeine content compared to a regular Arabica varietal. We had our Laurina tested for its caffeine content in a lab in Germany and the results showed that it had only 0.60% caffeine compared to the 1.2-1.5% caffeine content found in other Arabica varietals. We obtained our seeds from a producer in Brazil around 10 years ago. Having less caffeine, which is a natural insecticide, attracts more broca beetles than other varieties; it is also susceptible to roya and other diseases. Although a low yielding varietal, people are attracted to it because of its cup profile, pointy beans, and low caffeine content. However, this upcoming season we have taken the conscious decision to just process Laurina as a Full Natural or whole cherry fermentation derivative. The reason is twofold: first, is water conservation. Washed process especially, uses considerable amounts of water. Second, is cup profile. Despite years on processing Laurina as Washed and Honeys, we’ve never felt satisfied with the results. The Full Naturals or Whole Cherry Fermentations were always superior cup-wise. Therefore, we will only process Laurina, going forward, as a Washed or Honey process upon request/pre-order.
Farm Information
Located in the department of Jinotega, La Escondida about 20 minutes driving from the city proper. It’s starts at the base of the same mountain our other two farms, Las Delicias and San Jose, are located at. La Escondida is home to our “varietal garden” this is where we test out new varieties before we decide if it’s worth planting it on one of our farms. The Laurina plot is called Ojo de Agua and it’s the only plantillo we irrigate due to its proximity to a river. This helps to accelerate the flowering stage, hence accelerating the harvest. The Laurina specifically is one of the first varieties to be picked in a season due to this irrigation system.