Mexico La Joya Lot 19B - Experimental Extended Dark Fermentation Natural


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Mexico La Joya Samuel Ronzon Lot 19B Coffee

Micro-Lot 19B

Region: Veracruz, Mexico
Producer: Samuel Ronzon
Varietal: 80% Red Bourbon + 20% Typica
Process:  Extended Fermentation Natural 
168 hours controlled fermentation in a DARK Food grade plastic fermentation containers at controlled temperatures of 18-29°C
Altitude: 1200-1230 masl
Drying: 25 days in Patio
Harvest: January 17 2020- Selective Mechanical
Cupping Notes: Blackberry | Funky dark chocolate | Cherry | Honey

This coffee is a sister lot of 19A in which the coffee was fermented in a translucent fermentation tank which allow light through We are looking at how light (or lack thereof) affect the taste of coffee.Both 19A and B are harvested at the same time.

200g Bag - NO PRE-GROUND for this product.

About Sammy and his farm:

Samuel Ronzon is a third generation coffee producer and operations manager for ‘Micro-beneficio La Joya’, a mill based in Veracruz, Mexico. The focus is on the production of intentionally fermented specialty coffees, using fermentation as a vehicle to drive flavour in the cup. Depending on the coffee variety or protocol they decide to develop they'll select from four family states which total 40 hectares, with plant density ranging from 2000 to 3000 Coffee arabica trees per hectare.

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Mexico La Joya Samuel Ronzon Lot 19B Coffee