Loveramics - Colour Changing Cupping Bowl


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Loveramics Black Color Changing Cupping Bowl
The Loveramics cupping bowl is great for home brewer and professional alike.
  • It will elegantly turn white when you pour 95c water in.
  • When its light grey, it just passes 70c (4 mins) you may start cupping.
  • When its dark grey, it reaches 60c (8mins).
  • It will turn dark completely when its 55c (10 mins), cupping continues for low temp and its time to start over again.
  • As you can see they do change differently, you know the sequence without having too many timers.
  • You won't missed the chance to cup at high temp as it will turn grey.
  • Organizing staff will always remember to renew the session when its over.
  • All temperature are reference and are subject to room temperature and surroundings.

    DIMENSIONS: Length 10cm; Width 10cm; Height 6cm; Capacity 220ml
    MATERIALS: Porcelain

    Recommend : 14g of coffee to full bowl


    Loveramics Black Color Changing Cupping Bowl