Kinto - SCS Ceramic Brewer 2 cups | 4 cups

$34.00 CAD 

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The Kinto Slow Coffee Style porcelain ceramic brewer features a beautifully crafted Japanese design. The dripper has a slower flow rate than the V60 so that you can slow down and enjoy the ritual.

Available in small 2 cups or bigger 4 cups version. To use with Kinto, Hario, Kono, or Origami paper filters.


  • Details:
    • Capacity: 2 Traditional Coffee Cups or ~240ml
    • Height: 7 cm, Diameter: 10 cm
    • Porcelain Ceramic Made in Japan
    • Dishwasher Safe
    • Microwave Safe
    • Small - 2 cups (Hario V60-01 size equivalent)
    • Big - 4 cups (Hario V60-02 size equivalent)