Holiday Coffee Experience!


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Holiday Coffee Experience!
Holiday Coffee Experience!

We are happy and proud to present Rogue Wave's Holiday Coffee Experience!

During this event, you will be served 3 exclusive drinks that are custom made for this event.  The drinks are similar to the signature drinks made in barista competitions.  They are innovative drinks that take time to develop.  The end result is a unique tasting and sensory experience.

We want to bring people together ('tis the season!!) and allow the coffee-loving community (we love you!!) an opportunity to try drinks that are typically exclusive to judges and competitors.  The three drinks you will be served are as follows:

1) Origami pour over 100 mls
2) Competition style cappuccino (premium espresso + competition milk)
3) Signature drink

Bring your smiles and your curiosity.


What if I can't have dairy but want to do the seating?  We can definitely do the alternative milk of your choice.  The tasting notes will change a bit and will affect the experience to some degree, but this is something we can easily do.

I have allergies!! This is totally fine - please email us at

Holiday Coffee Experience!
Holiday Coffee Experience!

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