Guatemala - Los Dos Socios | Washed


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  • Origin: Guatemala
    Region: Huehuetenango
    Farms: Los Dos Socios
    Producer: Concepcion Villatoro Matias
    Harvest: Early 2020
    Varieties: Caturra & Bourbon
    Elevation: 1700 MASL
    Process: Fully Washed
    Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate | Walnut | Blackberry | Apricot

    340g or 2.5KG - Whole Bean
    Great for espresso and comfort filter coffee

    This is our main espresso offerings.

  • More about the Concepcion Villatoro Matias
    Don Concepcion Villatoro Matias purchased his farm in 1990, and since then it's been used for planting and harvesting coffee. Over time, Concepcion bought other small parcels, planting them with Bourbon and Caturra plants beneath the Gravilea and Chalum shade trees. These he separated into many small parcels. The name 'Los Dos Socios', or the two associates, refers to his relationship with God as the associate supporting his farm.