Fellow - Carter Everywhere Mug 12oz


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From Fellow:

We never understood why to-go tumblers made design decisions that compromised the coffee drinking experience. The senses–taste, smell, and touch–were ignored, while durability and extreme heat retention were prioritized. Why not both?

The Carter travel mug features a ceramic coating with a wide aromatic mouth, which helps you gauge the temperature before drinking. The wide mouth also fits most popular manual brew devices, you can now enjoy coffee at its fullest, everywhere!

Product Features:

  • Aromatic wide mouth
  • Drinkable thin lip
  • True taste ceramic coating
  • Brew and go compatibility - 69mm diameter rim designed to fit the most popular manual brewing devices
  • Heat lock double wall vacuum
  • Leak-proof seal.
  • Dimensions 85mm diameter body, 69.5mm mouth
  • 12oz: 132mm tall
  • Materials: 18/8 stainless steel, BPA-free plastic and steel lid, inner ceramic coating.
  • Brewer Compatibility: Fits most standard drippers, the AeroPress® Coffee Maker, and Prismo AeroPress® Attachment.
  • Cup Holder Compatibility: Does not fit in most standard cup holders