Ethiopia Girma Eshetu Estate - 30 Hours Yeast Fermentation Lot 1


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Introducing Ethiopia Girma Estate Experimental Lot 1 30 hours yeast fermentation - 200g / bag

Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Jima, Keffa Zone
Farm: Girma Eshetu Estate
Producer: Mr. Girma Eshetu
Varietal: 74110 & 74112
30 hours yeast fermentation: CIMA yeast is Saccharomyces cerevisiae, which is the same as baker / brewer yeast.

Tasting notes:  Pomelo, Brown Sugar, Lemon Candy

Our Relationship:
We have a deep bond with coffee from Girma Estate. This is the 2nd year we have brought in coffee from this lovely farm. In early 2019, we brought in their coffee for Ply's first brewers cup competition, which he placed 6th in Canada. We are thrilled to continue this relationship and bring in these exciting lots. We have brought in 8 lots (3 control lots, and 5 experimental yeast fermentation lots) which we will slowly release over the coming months. The 30 hours lot 1 is the first release of our lot 1. Over the next couple of months, we will also have 40 hours, 60 hours, and a control lot for you to try.

More About Girma Eshetu and His Farm:
Girma was the first of his family to graduate college and he put his engineering degree to work at the St. George Brewery – an institution for Ethiopian beer drinkers. Over a 30 year career Girma rose to management, and pursued his advanced degree. Moonlighting, Mr. Girma began to manufacture equipment - and his first success is a small mechanical coffee pulper - stamped G.E.M - Girma Eshetu Manufacturings. As his manufacturing business grew so did his knowledge of coffee. On one trip to Ethiopia’s west (where metals are mined), Girma discovered that his fathers side of the family was from the area – the area being Keffa Zone, near Bonga.

Turns out that, in some cases, the government of Ethiopia awards land to those who pass away in service to the state. This is what happened when Girma’s father passed away, after which Grima’s mother moved him to the new land far away in the South. She never spoke of where they were from, increasing Girma’s surprise and desire to reconnect with his roots upon discovering distant family.