Espro Press - P7 French Press


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The ESPRO Press - P7 - Double Filter & Double Walled
Available in 18oz and 32 oz - Matte Black or Polished Stainless Steel


A Better Coffee and Tea Press:
French-press style coffee is beloved, despite its flaws: there's grit in your cup. Traditional glass loese heat and breaks easily. Extractions continues so taste is compromised. Now, the ESPRO Press P7 solves all of these issue for the perfect cup every time.

Grit-free Press Coffee and Tea:
Grit is gross. Our patented double micro-filter gives you the flavor of a press without the mess. Just add coffee grounds or loose-leaf tea, then hot water. Stir. Wait 4-5 minutes. Press. Enjoy.

Safer, Warmer, and More Durable:
The ESPRO Press P7 is made of insulated, double-walled stainless steel, which keeps your brew toasty for hours and won't ever break.

Deep, Rich Flavour:
The design stops extraction and steeping on a dime, so every sip tastes perfect. Try the optional paper filters to replicate the taste of pour-over style coffee.

Designed in Vancouver.