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Free Shipping in Canada on Orders Over $40 | USA C$42 (~USD$33) | Free Local Edmonton Delivery on Orders Over $35.

Costa Rica - Hacienda Sonora | Centroamericana Piramide Natural


This natural processed coffee is sweet, full, and fruity with notes that remind us of:

Cherry | Pineapple | Chocolate | White Grape | Blood Orange | Blueberry

  • Origin: Costa Rica
    Farm: Hacienda Sonora
    Farmer: Alberto and Diego Guardia
    Micromill: Sonora
    Region: Central Valley
    Harvest: 2022
    Variety: Centroamericana
    Elevation: 1300 MASL
    Process: Piramide Natural
    Drying method: Covered Patio & Pyramid layered method

    Great on both filter and espresso


    We have a special place on our hearts and our shelf for Hacienda Sonora. We were one of the first companies in Canada to roast and sell Diego's coffee. We also had a chance to meet Diego in Montreal which solidified our relationship. Knowing Diego and how much he cares about his coffee and his staff really make us want to carry Diego's coffee every year. Plus... his coffees are dynamite.

    More about Hacienda Sonora and this coffee:

    Hacienda Sonora aims to progress specialty coffee in Costa Rica by working with more than 20 varietals and several unique processing methods. The farm has been in the Guardia family for more than 100 years but has focused exclusively on specialty coffee since 1999. During the "Piramide" drying process, the coffees are covered early in the afternoon when the temperature is hot, then piled up in a pyramid layered way to modulate the temperature of the cherries throughout the day. This helps to even out the fermentation and avoid development of "boozy" flavours sometimes associated with naturals. These evolving tactics plus impeccable organization and dedication to sustainability makes this one of the most progressive farms in Costa Rica.