Colombia Felipe Henao - Bourbon Chiroso | Lactic Washed - 250g


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  • Info
  • Origin Details
  • Origin: Colombia
    Farm: Finca El Mirador
    Producer: Felipe Hanao
    Region: Urrao, Antioquia
    Harvest: March 20202
    Variety: Bourbon Chiroso
    Elevation:1800 MASL
    Process: Lactic Washed*
    Tasting Notes: Strawberry lemonade, plum, toffee, milk chocolate. This coffee bring us bright comfort

    250g - Whole Bean

    *Process: The coffee was fermented under water for 72 hours, washed, and then dried on raised beds.

    NOTE: Felipe won 2020 Colombia Cup of Excellence competition with a washed Bourbon Chiroso from one of his farms.

    Estimate availability: We are expecting to have this coffee until end of January.

  • More about Felipe

    Felipe Henao is just 23 years old and has taken over management of his family farm.  This lot is a collection of Bourbon Chiroso that was fermented as whole cherries under water for 3 days. Afterward, Felipe washed the lots and dried them on raised beds. The variety Bourbon Chiroso has become really popular in Urrao Antioquia where Felipe is based. It is a natural mutation that became locally famous in 2014 when Carmen Montoya won the Cup of Excellence with this variety. 

    Felipe has just recently been announced as the Cup of Excellence winner for 2020 with a washed Bourbon Chiroso from another farm he owns called Los Tres Muscateres. This is his first time participating in the Cup of Excellence and the second time that the Chiroso varietal has won.