Colombia Ave Cafe - Java | 120 hours Experimental Fermentation | September 9th


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Region: Ibague, Tolima, Colombia
Producer: Ave Cafes
Farm: Finca La Esperanza
Founders:  Juan Torres, Kelly x. Perez, and Hector Rodriguez
Varietal/Species: Java
Altitude: 1800-1900 MASL
Harvest: 2020
Process:  Special 120 hours experimental double fermentation:
The coffee cherry starts a 48 hour fermentation before pulping in anaerobic condition, which starts to generate an environment in which the bean starts eating up the cherries' sugars. It also can be interpreted as a preparation stage in which we let the cherries get used to a new environment without stress. Then it goes into pulping and has a normal washed process. After pulping it goes into a 72 Hr fermentation that is trascendental for the bean to develop all its fruitiness and. mature flavors. The first fermentation is done to complete the sweetness of the cup and the second one is done to process the remaining sugar and transform it into a bomb of flavors and acidity. The coffee is then dry on Marquesinas bed. - Ave Cafes

Initial Tasting Notes: lots of berries and tropical - blueberry, raspberry, mango, lychee, peach, apple, sour plum, myer lemon, cocoa, hint of basil - full body but light long finished - complex and very enjoyable 

Brewing tasting notes: Lots of berries and peaches. The cocoa is folded into a sort of chocolate + milk tea. The citrus is tamed into a sweet tangerine.

This coffee is best enjoyed between 5-60 days after roast date.

250g whole beans only - NO PREGROUND for this product.

This is a direct trade coffee. We have been working with Juan and Kelly, the founders of Ave Cafes and Finca La Esperanza to bring this coffee into Canada.

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