Honduras - Piedras Amarillas | Natural - 340g


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  • Origin: Honduras
    Farm: Piedras Amarillas (Yellow Stone)
    Farmer: Mario Moreno
    Region: Los Andes, Santa Barbara, Honduras
    Harvest: Feb-June 2020
    Variety: Pacas, Catuai, and Bourbon 1/3 of each
    Elevation: 1650 MASL
    Process: Natural*
    Tasting Notes: Mandarin | Pineapple | Almond | Sweetsop

    340g  - Whole Bean

    Great for both filter and espresso!

    * Processing details:

    Fermentation tanks are used to remove floaters, then the cherries are put directly inside a parabolic solar dryer for around 25 days, 35-45 degree of sun slope with full sun all day.


  • More about Mario Moreno and Piedras Amarillas

    This farm is cooperatively managed by Mario Moreno and his brothers, Danny and Mabel. Mario Moreno is a a third generation coffee grower, son of Daniel Moreno, and a member of the large Moreno family of producers. He purchased the initial part of his farm in 2008, and inherited the remainder in 2009. Mario’s father, Daniel Moreno, started coffee farming in 1963 with the purchase of La Sierra.

    Don Daniel passed away in April, 2018, and his legacy is a coffee farming dynasty in Santa Barbara. His sons and their children consistently produce complex and unique coffees which we have been buying since the relationship with the Morenos first began back in 2005, when founder Robert Thoresen began buying for our sister roastery, Kaffa Oslo. Together, three generations of Morenos have inspired many of their neighbors and beyond to produce specialty coffee. It takes a unique kind of person to come from a humble background — as the Morenos have — and make coffee cultivation a sustainable business for your family. It is not typically smallholder producers with family histories of small-scale agriculture that are the most successful coffee farmers and this is because it is incredibly challenging to first, consistently cultivate and produce the highest quality coffee and have access to a loyal customer base, and then on top of this, have the education and knowledge to speak quality
    at the same level as the buyer. The Morenos are in this special category of coffee producer and as with any other success story, their sustained top position requires a mixture of ambition, long-term planning, understanding what their market is looking
    for, and constant reevaluation and tweaking of agronomic, harvesting and processing

    As the family itself continues to evolve, with the younger generation taking on more
    responsibility, the Moreno family’s commitment to their buyers remains steadfastly loyal and forward-looking. Mario and Miguel of El Filo, another coffee we carry, are brothers.

    Other crops: avocados for sale in local market
    People employed at the farm : 6