Colombia - Gabriel Castano - Pink Bourbon - 340G

Fruity & Sweet


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Origin: Colombia
Region: Huila
Farm and Producer: Gabriel Castano, La Granada
Variety: Pink Bourbon
Elevation: 1700-1800 Meters above sea level
Process: Extended Fermentation Washed (48 Hours in cherry and 72 hours in tank before fully washed)
Tasting Notes:  Sweet Grapefruit | Dark Chocolate | Ripe Raspberry


Roasted for Filter

More about Gabriel Castano and Pink Bourbon:

Gabriel Castaño is well known for discovering the Pink Bourbon varietal as a natural mutation on his farm. Through his generosity, seeds from his trees were spread throughout Southern Huila and can now be found throughout the region. Although Gabriel no longer drinks coffee due to age and health reasons, he is determined to continue his legacy of producing exquisite coffees through terroir and processing.
This extended fermentation that they use creates unique flavours among coffees found in Huila. The colour of this varietal is expressed as a recessive gene, making it rare, unique, and elusive.



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