Rogue Wave Coffee - Reserved Lot Mini Pack


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Some of the most limited coffee in the world can be found in our roast-to-order menu. In order to compensate for the very high cost of green coffee, we think that roasting smaller amounts to order will be of interest to many in the coffee community.

Each pack contains 40-45g of coffee. These coffees are roasted on our Ikawa micro roaster. We roast 50g of green coffee for each order and hand sort the beans to remove any roast defects. This results in a varying amount of coffee in each bag.

Brewing Tips: Since these are roasted on a small roaster, we recommend brewing this coffee within 3 weeks of the roast date. Try grinding a little bit finer than usual, and tighten up your usual ratio. For example, if you generally do 1:16, try 1:15 as your starting point.

Current options:

1. Panama - Finca Deborah - Nirvana - Nitrogen Anaerobic Fermentation -2020 Harvest . Produced by Jamison Savage. This coffee has won many prizes and and has a prestigious reputation. Tasting notes: Mangosteen | Mix Berries | Ripe Tropicals | Guava | Creamy Custard


2. Colombia - La Palma y el Tucan - 'Lactic' Natural Sidra Lot 315 - 2019 Harvest. We met Sebastian, the producer and co-owner of La Palma y el Tucan in Boston in 2019 where he used another bio-innovation Gesha lot for his World Brewers Cup routine where he placed 7th, representing Colombia. Lot 315 Sidra was also used by many competitor around the world in Barista Competition. Tasting notes: Ripe peach | Apricot | Purple Grape | Candied Lemon-Orange | Honey | Light Floral and Mint | Sparkling or Effervescence sensation after taste


3. Panama - Finca Deborah - Limitless - Natural Yeast Process -2020 Harvest . Limitless starts with harvesting perfectly ripe Geisha cherries reading 21-24 on BRIX meter. The cherries are carefully selected for a second time before depositing them inside hermetically sealed tanks with a yeast strain added into the tank to enhance aromatics, acidity, and inherent flavour attributes within the coffee. The cherries marinade in this yeast bath for more than 50 hrs allowing the yeast to consume a large portion of the fruit within the cherries. Tasting Notes: 
Guava Juice | Mango | Sweet Chamomile Tea | 
Lemon | Plum | Banana Split