Rogue Wave Coffee - Reserved Lot Mini Pack


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Some of the most limited coffee in the world can be found in our roasted to order menu. We do not have enough coffee to roast on our big roasters and to compensate for the very high cost of green coffee, we think that roasting to order would be of interested to some of you.

Each pack contains 40-45g of coffee. Roasted on our Ikawa micro roaster. We roasted 50g of green coffee for each order and hand sorted for any roast defects which resulted in the vary amount of coffee in each bag.

Brewing Tips: Since these are roasted on a small sample roaster, we recommend brewing this coffee within 3 weeks after roast date. Try grinding a little bit finer than usual, and tighten up your usual ratio. For example, if you generally do 1:16, try 1:15 as your starting point.

Current options:

1. Panama - Finca Deborah - Illumination - Washed Carbonic Maceration Gesha 2019 Harvest. Produced by Jamison Savage, this coffee was Ply's top choice for the 2020 World Brewers Cup if it had taken place in May. Now we have coffee left over that cannot be used in Competition. This coffee has won many prize and prestigious world wide.


2. Colombia - La Palma y el Tucan - Bio-innovation Gesha Lot 309 - 2019 Harvest. We met Sebastian, the producer and co-owner of La Palma y el Tucan in Boston during 2019 World Brewers Cup where he used another bio-innovation Gesha lot for his World Brewers Cup routine where he placed 7th, representing Colombia. Lot 309 was also in our consideration for the world competition. Bio-innovation process is a Natural Anaerobic fermentation carried out in a steel tank which is placed underground for temperature control.


3. Samuel Ronzon - La Joya Lot 21
Varietal: 80% Red Bourbon + 20% Typica
Process:  Anaerobic Natural 
96 hours controlled fermentation in GrainPro bags and slow dried at 18-30c
Altitude: 1200-1230 masl
Drying: 25 days on Raised Bed
Harvest: January 2019- Selective Mechanical
Tasting Notes: Ripe Raspberry Jam | Tropical Banana | Plum and Prune | Sweet Flower Nectar