Peru - Yojan Pérez Finca La Piedra - Washed - 340G


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Origin: Peru
Region: El Arenal, Santo Tomas, Cutervo Province, Cajamarca Region, Peru
Farm and Producer: Yojan Perez, Fincas La Piedra & Playa Grande
Variety: Bourbon, Catimor, Catuai, Caturra
Harvest: July-November 2019
Elevation: 1600-1850 Meters above sea level
Process: Fully washed after pulping and fermenting, then dried in the sun.
Tasting Notes:  Clementine | Honey | Chocolate | Cinnamon

340 g whole bean

Roasted for filters.

Peru El Arenal Yojan Pérez Fully Washed coffee is produced by Yojan Pérez and processed as a micro-lot through Aroma del Valle, an organization established to assist small producers access the specialty coffee market. Yojan and his family own and manage a 7-acre farm, located near the community of Arenal in the district of Santo Tomas within the Cutervo province of the Cajamarca región, Peru. Yojan has been cultivating coffee for 12 years but only recently started selling coffee to the specialty coffee market. Yojan and other members of Aroma del Valle are also currently focused on family gardens to cultivate food for their own households. Yojan has also incorporated fruit trees and species hardwood that serve as another source of income and as shade to protect the coffee.