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Free Shipping in Canada on Orders Over $40 | USA C$42 (~USD$33) | Free Local Edmonton Delivery on Orders Over $35.

Panama - Finca Deborah Gesha | Nirvana - Nitrogen Natural - 100g

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$80.00 CAD

Finca Deborah gesha coffees have been used in many competitions and have won numerous awards around the world. We are more than excited to offer these two amazing coffees for you to try. This nitrogen natural process gesha is complex, very sweet, floral, and purple/pink with notes that remind us of:

Pineapple | Pomegranate | Blackberry | Violet | Plum

Roast Date: July 11th (off schedule roast, limit bags)

Origin: Panama
Farm: Finca Deborah
Producer: Jamison Savage
Region: Volcán, Chiriquí Panama
Harvest: Early-mid 2020
Variety: Gesha
Elevation: 1900 MASL


Nirvana process: Nitrogen Anaerobic Natural - The gesha cherries went through an anaerobic natural processing technique using a similar technique to Carbonic Maceration, though instead of charging the stainless tank with carbon dioxide, Jamison explored the use of a different inert gas, nitrogen resulting in big intensities of aromatics and flavours. This has been deemed 'Nirvana' because of the euphoric sensation it evokes.

Brew recommendation: 10+ days off roast
1. 12.5g to 200g water, on the finer side of medium, 93-95C, 3 pulse pour (40-130-200)
2. 15.0g to 240g water, on the finer side of medium, 91-94C, 4 pulse pours

100g bag - whole bean only.


More about Finca Deborah and Jamison Savage:

Jamison Savage is a renowned producer of the highest quality coffee in Panama. He has produced numerous coffee that is used in competition world wide. Illumination is a staple in competition scene having been used recently to win 2019 Russian Barista competition, 2018 UAE Brewers cup competition, and placed 4th at the 2019 World Barista championship. Nirvana is a new innovative process in which nitrogen is used instead of a carbon dioxide in a 'CM' process, which invoke a new territory of flavour. We sure will see this coffee being used in many competition once competition scene returns to normal. It is one of those coffee that you just sip and had to sit down... and just go... wow...... 

From Finca Deborah: The farm situates above 1900 meter above sea level,  in a cool rain forest with cloud coverage for most of the year. Surrounded by rare species of plats, animals, and birds, the farm maintain disturbance to the environment to the minimum. There is no gas powered machine, no harsh chemical pesticides or herbicides used for the cultivation of  their coffee. Natural, organic fertilizers are used in combination of organic weed control to maintain nutrients and optimal growth condition of each coffee trees.

Finca Deborah employs the Nôbe-Buglé people as primary workforce. They are the backbone of Finca Deborah. They are provided social security, living quarters, medical care, clothing for both workers and families, among regular pays and bonus. The Nôbe-Buglé people have become an essential part of Finca Deborah.