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Free Shipping in Canada on Orders Over $40 | USA C$42 (~USD$33) | Free Local Edmonton Delivery on Orders Over $35.

Panama - Carmen Estate El Palomar Gesha | Washed - 100g

$30.00 CAD

This Carmen Gesha washed coffee is vibrant, sweet, and clean with tasting notes that reminded us of:

Lemon Tea, Blueberry, Grapefruit, Lilac, Honey, Blackberry

Origin: Panama
Farm and Producer: El Palomar Farm, produced by Carmen Estate
Region: Volcan, Panama
Harvest:  2022/2023
Variety: Gesha/Geisha
Elevation: 1750 MASL
Total Crop area:  27 ha.
Average Temperature: 16-23C during the day, and 10-15c at night
Process: Fully Washed.

100g Whole bean only

More about Carmen Estate Panama

Carmen Estate has been producing and exporting high quality Arabica coffee for over 50 years. Carlos Aguilera is the third generation owner of the single estate and mill set up by his grandparents, Efrain and Carmen Franceschi in 1960.

Carmen Estate produces 1,200 bags (60 kg each) of unique quality, high altitude, green coffee beans each year.​  Carmen consistently places in the top 5 in specialty cupping contests each year and rates 91 on the specialty scale at Coffee Review.

Their agricultural practices are based on a set of principles which ensure the best output of the farm while maintaining ecological awareness regarding insect management, soil conservation, protection of natural water resources, waste management and over-all ecosystem conservation.

Each year coffee cherries are manually harvested by the Nôbe-Buglé indigenous people and have been trained to harvest only when the coffee cherries are bright red and fully ripe. The cherries are carefully selected and handpicked, leaving behind the unripe beans to be harvested at a later time. Carmen takes care at every stage of harvesting and processing to maintain optimum results.