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Free Shipping in Canada on Orders Over $40 | USA C$42 (~USD$33) | Free Local Edmonton Delivery on Orders Over $35.

Ethiopia - Negusse Nere | Low Oxygen Natural - 200g

$23.00 CAD

This low O2 natural processed coffee is fruity and sweet with tasting notes that remind us of:

Cantaloupe | Mandarin | Mango | Raspberry | Myer Lemon | Honey

Origin: Haro Tibiro, Bensa, Sidama
Farm: Negusse Nare
Producer: Negusse Nare
Harvest: 2021
Variety: 74158 & 74112
Elevation: 1950 MASL
Process: Natural - Traditional drying for 15-21 days.

size: 200g

Great for both filter and exciting espresso

More about this coffee: 

This coffee was produced by Negusse Nare as part of the producing group started by Asnake Bekele and Aklilu Admassu. They focused on quality and advancing coffee processing method and traceability of single-producer Ethiopia coffee. 

Asnake has been in coffee for many years and was the pioneer of the use of African raised beds in the drying process of coffee to increase the quality. African raised beds are now being used world wide to dry coffee. Asnake had also helped organized several producer group in collaboration with Catalyst Trade, in various part of Ethiopia. Negusse Nare farm is also part of the latest project of single producers collaboration in Sidama Region. 


This natural process lot was processed within stainless barrels with an airlock mechanism, allowing for free oxygen to be flushed out as the microbes created CO2 during their breakdown of sugars. The coffee is label as a low oxygen natural process, which allows for the distinction of the zero oxygen naturals and those that process with low amount of oxygen.  After the whole cherries are fermented in a sealed barrel for a 24 hour cycle, the cherries are then removed and dried on shaded raised beds much like the other naturals at the site (15-21 days, regularly turn on African raised bed). This limited oxygen cycle creates a wild jam-like note in the cup, with subtle florals on the aroma and the palate reminiscent of the terroir of Bensa coffees.