Colombia - Finca La Florida Lot 2 - Washed


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Colombia - Finca La Florida - Washed

Origin: Colombia
Region: Huila
Farm and Producer: Gilberto Rojas - Finca La Florida
Variety: Selected Red and Yellow Colombia
Elevation: 1650Meters above sea level
Process: Washed
Fermentation: 48 hours traditional fermentation in tanks
Drying: Parabolic Huila-style raised beds - 25 days
Tasting Notes:  Ripe Peach | Dark Chocolate | Caramel | Cherry

340g | 2.5kg whole bean

Roasted for Filter but can also be use for espresso.

About the farm and this coffee:
Gilberto Rojas and his family are some of the best farmers in the country of Colombia. Year after year, they are able to produce high quality, delicious coffee through ripe cherry selection, thorough sorting of parchment and slow and careful drying. This year, favourable weather conditions aided in cherry maturation yielding well balanced, complex and clear flavour profiles. Gilberto is well known for finishing 2nd in the 2015 Cup of Excellence and he has continued in his quest for quality since then. We are happy to bring this coffee to you among  2 other coffees from Gilberto, the Acevedo lot 2 and the Finca La Florida Decaf.