Colombia - Felipe Arcila | Natural Anaerobic WWF - 250g


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  • Origin: Colombia
    Farm: Jardines Del Eden
    Producer: Felipe Arcila
    Region: Pijao, Quindio
    Harvest: May 2020
    Variety: Castillo
    Elevation: 1800 MASL
    Process: Natural Anaerobic "White Wine Fermentation"*
    Fermentation: Two stage anaerobic whole cherry fermentation, with a drying phase between the two fermentation. The first stage is a 30 hour anaerobic fermentation (whole cherry) at a lower, controlled temperature, and then dried on raised beds until moisture a 20% moisture level is achieved. The coffees are then gathered in grain pro bags for 80 hours. The fermentation is named as such for its white wine notes and bright acidity in the cup.
    Drying time: 10 days on raised beds under 15-25C
    Drying temperature: 28 °C Max. - 15 °C Min. 

    Tasting Notes:
    250g  - Whole Bean
    Availability expectation Jan-April 2021

    Great for both filter and exciting espresso

  • More about Felipe Arcila

    Felipe Arcila and his brother Carlos began growing coffee here at Jardines del Eden just two years ago when they decided to buy the farm. They now have more than 10 different varieties of coffee under production - this lot being 100% Castillo. This farm is dedicated to experimentation in processing and cultivating coffee. Here they are growing Pink Bourbon, Tabi, Gesha, SL28, Sidra, Wush Wush, Caturrón, Papayo and more.