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Free Shipping in Canada on Orders Over $40 | USA C$42 (~USD$33) | Free Local Edmonton Delivery on Orders Over $35.

Colombia Buesaco - Jardines | Washed

$20.00 CAD

This Washed processed coffee is sweet, juicy and comfortable with notes that remind us of:




Apricot | Apple Juice | Caramel | Mandarin Orange | Pear

Origin: Colombia
Farm: 3 farms from Buesaco Regions :

Yeny Pinchao, Finca La Esmeralda
Eduardo Trejo, Finca El Chirimoyo
Geovany Pinchao, Finca La Pedregal

Harvest: Mid 2021
Variety: Caturra, Colombia
Elevation: 1900-2000 MASL
Process: Washed
Fermentation: 16-18 hours and dried on raised patios for 10-25 days

Size: 340g / 1KG and  2.5 KG whole bean

Great for both filter and exciting espresso

More about Buesaco Jardines:

The town of Buesaco lies on a ridge high in the Andes mountains of the Nariño
department. The name of this blend, Buesaco Jardines, translates to "Buesaco
Gardens" which refers to the lush gardens that are present in coffee farms surrounding this area. Geovany started this new project called "Jardines" with his sister Yeny, and his brother Eduardo as a way to pool their smaller day lots into a larger, more manageable lot size. The coffees produced at these farms have incredible complexity and sweetness, which can be attributed to the high elevation and diverse micro-climate in this area. Their simple, yet effective processing techniques also make this blend incredibly clean, sweet, and refreshing.

The main varieties included in the Jardines project are Caturra and Colombia. The three siblings work arduously to preserve the quality of their plants. They ensure all weeds are removed manually, and use only organic fertilizer on their farms. These practices help preserve the soil from damage during periods of droughts or prolonged rain.

Yeny Pinchao - Upon harvest, ripe cherries are selected for processing. The cherries are washed and soaked in water to remove floaters. Remaining cherries are depulped and left to ferment in clean tanks for 16 hours before being moved to patios to dry for a period of 10 days under the sun.

Geovany Pinchao - Upon harvest, only the ripest and healthiest cherries at the farm are selected for processing.The processing starts when the cherries are washed and soaked in clean water tanks. After removing all floaters,the cherries are depulped and fermented in clean steel tanks for 18 hours before being washed again and moved to patios to dry with direct sun exposure for approximately 25 days.

Eduardo Trejo - The washed process in Finca El Chirimoyo starts with the manual harvest of ripe cherries. Aprocess of soaking the cherries in water to remove floaters and impurities occur after they arrive at the farm.Cherries that pass this selection are left to ferment for 12 hours in jute bags. The cherries are then depulped before going through a period of anaerobic fermentation in air-tight tanks for 26 hours. Once this process is finished, the coffees are fully washed and sun-dried for 18 days on patios.