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Natural Coffee Pour Over

How to Make: A Natural Coffee Pour Over

Our daily recipe with a gentle twist.

Natural processed coffees can be lower density which means a faster flow through rate. A faster flow rate = more water running through the grounds quicker.

In this recipe, we’ll share what to do to maximize the fruity and floral notes associated with naturals WITHOUT making your grind finer to compensate for the quicker flowing coffee.

Natural Coffee Pour Over Recipe

  • Ratio 1:15.2 (21 grams of ground coffee to 320 grams of water)
  • 93 C water (about 30 seconds off boil)
  • Dripper of your choice
  • Filter paper
  • Grind size: medium, about the size of sea salt


  1. Add coffee and gently pour water in concentric circles. For the bloom, pour 60 grams, and lets bloom for about 45 seconds – this is a longer bloom than most recipes. Be gentle with your pour, and look for a bloom that “mushrooms” up and out towards you, while ensuring the grounds are an even colour.
  2. At 45 seconds, pour water up to 200 grams. Make sure you are pouring from a medium height to create some agitation in the bed of coffee. Pour too high, and the water will “crash” through the grounds.
  3. For your last pour, begin a very gentle pour up to 320 grams – you will begin this step just before all the water leaves the coffee bed from the second step. Take your time here and pour very slowly.

    We have found that this slow, gentle second pour allows the coffee to “open up”, rewarding you with beautiful floral aromas and flavours. Enjoy!

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Drew - April 1, 2021

For the bloom, you say “pour 60 grams of water for about 45 seconds”. Do you mean pour 60g and STEEP for 45s or are you saying the actual pour should last 45s?

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