Brewing the Burundi Nyagishiru Natural with a V60

Brewing the Burundi Nyagishiru Natural with a V60
The Burundi Nyagishiru Natural is an incredibly sweet and clean natural-processed coffee. This is the first time that coffee from Nyagishiru has been sold outside of Burundi. We are proud to be the first roaster in the world to roast and sell this amazing coffee.


We will be brewing the Nyagishiru with the V60 and Hario Filter Paper to get a sweet and clean cup for this recipe. The recipe uses a longer bloom time to increase extraction in the second phase, which enhances sweetness. You can reduce the bloom time if you would like more acidity in your cup.


Recipe: 20g coffee : 320g water at 92C - Total ratio is 1:16
Dripper and Filter: V60-02 and Hario Filter Paper

1. 60g bloom for 1 minutes
2.@1 min - add up to 200g of water
3. @1:40min - add up to 320g of water
4. Give the V60 a gentle swirl and a little tap
5. Aim to finish your brew at 3 min


Cup Characteristic:
Tasting notes: Mixed berries, juicy nectarine, and sweet mango
Aftertaste: Caramel and Cocoa and cleaner than other Natural
Body: Syrupy
The coffee get sweeter as it cool

You can reduce your bloom time to 45 second to increase acidity and soften the finish in your cup.


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